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Bienvenue à la Boîte à outils d’innovation sociale débloquée

Social Innovation Unlocked is a curated collection of experiential resources, based upon input from over 300 innovators from across the globe.

Over 50 crowdsourced activity and resource guides, are categorized into seven modules:

  • Culture et collaboration
  • Justice, équité et inclusion
  • La recherche et le développement, la conception et l’innovation 
  • La créativité et le travail intérieur
  • Récit d'impact
  • Apprentissage stratégique et évaluation
  • Stratégies systémiques

Each guide is written in a way that it is ready for a facilitator to pick up and lead. Key factors such as length of time, materials and set up, and number of people are outlined at the top of each activity to help facilitators select an ideal activity.

Activities can be run as standalone learning sessions or built upon one another to create full-day experiential workshops. The most effective way to use this resource is to pull activities from across the module areas. Check out the webpage on Préparer sa feuille de route afin d'obtenir de l'aide pour créer un atelier avec plusieurs activités. 

À l'avenir, SI Unlocked (Innovation sociale débloquée) sera une ressource vivante. Dans un esprit de co-création, nous encourageons les gens à proposer de nouvelles activités à ajouter au programme. Contribution Form Consultez le Formulaire de contribution pour soumettre votre activité afin qu’elle soit considérée. 

The Social Innovation Unlocked project was inspired by and includes activities from the following organizations:

Social Innovation GenerationThink Jar CollectiveTamarack Learning Resource Library Systems-led LeadershipEnspiralA Systems Leaders Fieldbook – Inner ActivistMcConnell FoundationReFresh CommunicationAshoka Changemaking  – Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm ResearchS.I Learning EUKamamakInnoweave MaRS Discovery DistrictAlberta CoLabWISIR Learning ModulesHollyhock Field Shift CollaboratoryCoLabPillar Nonprofit NetworkCoCreativeHolon LeadershipCommunagirSitraThe Weaving Lab  – Good InvestingSCGroup Mexico, Vibrancy & ISCThe Sage Canyon Institute Banff Centre LeadershipSchool for Social EntrepreneursEdmonton Shift LabHyper Island Toolboxu-school for Transformation by Presencing Institute  – NESTA DIYThe Natural Stepagile42OPSI – RADIUSThe Social Enterprise CentreABSI ConnectCentre for Social InnovationMind ToolsSeeds for ChangeLa Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS)Inspiring Communities & WeavEastReconciliation CanadaLiberating Structures – Social Justice Toolbox

Brought to you by innovators for innovators

The goal of Social Innovation Unlocked is to support the development of a vibrant social innovation ecosystem across Canada by creating accessible, practical, and distributed resources for social innovation practitioners.

Throughout its creation and iterations, this participatory project has engaged nearly 300 contributors from across Canada and globally.

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