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The Flourishing Business Canvas

Strategic Learning & Evaluation


This resource can be used by any combination of stakeholders to collaborate around shared goals informed by their values. It enables teams to align on key strategic decisions through deeper conversations.

The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is a new way to help enterprises and their investors prosper through collaboration with all their stakeholders to improve their financial, social and environmental performance. 

The toolkit can help organizations with goals anywhere from purely financial viability to “doing good to do well” by enabling the identification of the risks and opportunities relevant to their chosen objectives. The toolkit uses the proven business model lens to enable leaders to collaborate more effectively to understand, explore, diagnose, improve, design and tell stories about integrated solutions that drive the combination of financial rewards, social benefits and environmental regeneration required to achieve their goals.

What is the Flourishing Business Canvas?

At the heart of the Toolkit is the Flourishing Business Canvas. The Flourishing Business Canvas is a visual design tool that embeds a common language to enable more effective collaboration by any group of stakeholders deemed relevant to designing the economic, social and environmental aspects of an organization’s business model. 

Through its common language the Flourishing Business Canvas enables an organization’s stakeholders to work together to sketch, prototype, design, improve, communicate, understand, measure, diagnose and most importantly tell stories about the economic, social and environmental aspects of their business model they deem to be important based on their chosen goals.

The below short video walks through the business canvas in more detail:

Video – An Introduction to Flourishing Business Canvas 

Flourishing Business Canvas Poster: Printable Poster